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1st Step to Living Your Gorgeous Truth

Getting started on the path to do what you love, that most radiates who you are, and who you are meant to be in this world starts with a basic foundation of understanding what it is that you love.  Read on or watch the video to learn how you get happy now!

The question “what makes you happy?” or “what gets you so excited you can’t sleep at night?” seems like such an easy question to answer on the surface.  Ask me that three years ago and I would have given you very generic answers.  I generally knew what what I cared about – family, friends, having a creative outlet, organizing things, my job, listening to people.

Boring and typical, I know.

Three years into my journey to align what I love and what I do best with who I do and give to the world each and very day, a coach of mine said do what you are passionate about.  I knew why he was asking – it is in this sweet spot where what we love and what we do is married that we’ll have the most astounding success in our lives.  Yes, I’m talking to you! 😉

And then he asked: what ARE you passionate about?


What do I love to do?

I mean I knew I wanted to start a business.  But about what…  I don’t know!  I just want to start a business.  It can be anything.  I just want to make some money.  I’m passionate about my family and having money will help me help my family…. Yeah. Not so much.

I didn’t have a clue!

As I thought about this question more, I couldn’t tell you what my hobbies were.  Or what kind of books I liked.  My husband would play video games (his hobby — don’t knock it — new studies reveal all sorts of good things about gaming as a release).  Of course, this study hadn’t come out at the time and I would nag him like crazy.  What are we going to do while you play your video game (one can only do so much shopping))?  I would pout and wait.

What kind of a life is that?

It is easier that one may think to get caught up in work – the day to day grind – family – taking care of others – or climbing the corporate ladder and forget about yourself.   To completely lose track of who you are as an individual with loves, fears, wants, and desires.

Have you been there?

If you are in that place right now, read on to start the process of rediscovering you.

Pay attention when you go through your day — what fires you up?  Litterally, what makes you feel warm inside.  As you move through the day, pay attention to how you FEEL when you talk to certain people, when you write, when you cook, etc.  When do you feel totally energized?  When do you feel like you want to poke your eye-balls out?

I heard Jillian Michaels compare it to easter egg hunt.  You know on Easter when you are looking for the eggs (or in some cases the basket) the easter bunny hid, if her parents “saw the egg” first they would give her guidance on whether she was warm — close to the egg, or cold — no where near “it.”

The “it” in this instance is your passion.

Keep a mental or a written log of when you feel most engaged and excited.  These are the clues that will get help you begin to uncover your gorgeous truth.

Next, turn up the heat on doing what you love.  Infuse more and more of the things that fire you up into your daily living.  Annnnd let go of some of those things that make you go cold.

So what gives you the hunka-hunka burning love feeling inside?  Do you get enough of it in your life today?  And do you share that with others?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!



What are you doing right now? Is it a $100 bill?

How many of you spend way to much time on Facebook?


…Shopping in the app store?  Oh, maybe that’s just me?

Yes!!! Okay, okay, I’m guilty.

I Give Up, I Quit, I’m Letting Go! AND I Challenge you to Join Me!

Hello, hello, hello! And welcome to this inagural blost post.  As strange as it may seem, I’m kicking off this blog as a quitter!

I’m a quiter.

I challenge you to be a quitter too!!

***If you are thinking, “but I’m not a quiter,” wait, hear me out!***

I’m a quitter and I’m proud of it becuase I’m giving up on something that I’ve been using for a long time.  Something that has been holding me back from putting myself out here and engaging.

This site, this concept, this has been inside of me for a LONG time.  The problem is I’ve haven’t been able to bring it to creation until now because I was holding on to something was not serving me well at all.




Such as:

I’m too busy.

I don’t have time.

She’s already doing that… Darnit.  I just didn’t get here fast enough.

I don’t have the design ready yet.

I didn’t shoot my video yet… yada yada.

Great, I shot the video for this post and it is blurry… I have to REDO it.

I haven’t check my links yet… They might be broken.

Did she proofread this content already? I can’t remember…

Yeah, you get the idea… No more excuses. I quit on the excuses. I chucked the video for this post! And there might even be typos.  Gasp!

My bet is that you have something big brewing inside of you too – a dream, a business, an adventure, but there may be something holding you back.

Together, today, let’s LET GO of that thing that is holding YOU back.

Maybe it is an EXCUSE, maybe it is fear, or a relationship, a belief you hold, a habit, a behavoir…

Whatever it is let’s begin the process of letting it go so you can make way for your bigger better thing waiting on the otherside.

I’ve done it before and as I go through it right this very second, I can promise you letting go isn’t always easy.

1) There may be some pain – I can almost guarantee it. Like me, I’ve excused away not launching this concept for years. Yes. Years. And right now I’m sweating bullets. Literally. But I promise you after doing it, I’m going to fell a million times better. Like I’ve accomplished something.

2) Does letting go mean you are giving up? Or in my case that things won’t be just perfect because I didn’t have everything in just the right order before stepping into this? Not at all. It is perfectly okay to let go of things that no longer serve you so you can make room for all the greatness that is to come. You owe that to yourself. You owe it to the world.

3) Do you think you might need to get rid of someone not something? If it is someone you need to let go of, well that’s not so easy. No. I clearly own my excuses. But relationships we have with people are a bit more difficult to let go of. Feel free to comment and we can engage on your specific scenario, but it is perfectly okay if you need to let go of someone that is causing you negative energy or thoughts that are keeping you from being your best you…. As the buddhist principles support and Richard said to Elizabeth in Eat Pray Love, when you think of the person you are letting go of send him or her light and love and move foward. If it is famly, well, yeah… comment below and we can banter.

4) Each day will get easier… It will. The further you step into the person you are supposed to be, thing will increasingly be more in sync and you’ll get your groove on in a big way.

5) How exactly do I “let go?” If it is thoughts you need to let go of, start retraining your brain by coaching and gently reminding yourself of what is replacing the old way of thinking.  In my case, I’m just stepping right into action.  If it is someone, it may warrant a loving conversation.

So…. What are you going to let go of today? Let me know in the comments.

If any of this resonated with you I’d love it if you share it!

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