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I studied Organization Development through John Hopkins’ MBA program and have owned NiceOps since 2012, it's my freedom business, allowing me to work from anywhere.

If I handed you my business card it might read

“Amber McCue, Business Operations Expert (& Vegan Pizza lover).

I might also have a line in there about being a superhero & empowering Mom to 3 gorgeous ladies. It depends on how well behaved they are on that day. I always claim them, I have to,

they look a lot like me (and they mostly make me proud). I just claim them louder on somedays than others. 

The entrepreneurs I work with often ask  me how I get it all done and how I got here.  I built NiceOps and made it streamlined, scalable and profitable without working  24/7. (There are lego’s to build and pizza  to eat, you guys.) I’ve always known that  building a better business meant building  a better life. 

Business owners partner with  me, and I help them have more 

free time for pizza and lego's…  

And beaches and dance parties...

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Secure Your Spot in this FREE Event TODAY!