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You know about business but not nearly enough to prevent all of the bad things from happening. You keep buying classes and programs and books hoping this will be the one! Time and time again you think you've found the answer and it never is. You keep asking yourself: "WHY can't I get this?"

On top of that, this business stuff is LONELY and making connections is tough. You are looking for a safe, intimate space to share your ideas, get feedback, and mastermind about your next big thing. Oh and you would like that WITHOUT the 30,000 dollar price tag to match.

You are good at what you do and you LOVE it but you it's driving you INSANE. As much as you don't want a BOSS to tell you what to do, a some friendly, supportive accountability would be nice. You find yourself doing less and less of the things you really love and more of the other stuff. You don't love all of your clients. You are afraid to look at your bank account (even though you KNOW it's not that bad).

You are constantly forgetting the important stuff. You miss emails, those invoices fall through the cracks and you aren't sure why it takes you SO long to do even the simplest of things.

You are ready for the big time.

Imagine knowing EXACTLY what you should do next and never doubting it. Imagine a business that runs smoothly. No hiccups. No forgotten invoices. No missed emails. No bad clients. You have a team that supports you and gives you EVERYTHING you need. Your clients tweet and facebook about you. You have collaborative partners and a mastermind group you can bounce ideas off of every month. You are finally getting it done and boy does it feel GOOD. You know when the money is coming in and where it's coming from (and you have just enough money saved up for that trip you have been dying to go to ;).

You are a TRUE entrepreneur and business owner. You are GOOD at business.

Become a Business Master


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    Change takes time

    You squeeze in a six week program here - four weeks there, but your habits didn't form overnight and you won't be rushed through a six week program that you don't have time to implement or digest. Change takes time!

  • connections

    Authentic connections

    Because the class size is SMALL you will make AUTHENTIC connections with other people. You'll call each other. You'll meet up. You won't be doing it alone anymore.

  • dollar sign

    You will produce

    We'll actually get work done together, real time You + Me + Other CEOs.

  • phone

    You will be heard

    You will be working closely with business experts and they will know your name, your business and what you need. No more posting in a Facebook forum hoping to be heard. We’ll be all up in your business!

  • glasses

    You will be seen

    You won't be another face in the crowd. In Freshly Implemented you will be seen, heard and connect with real experts. This is NOT your typical class experience.

  • connecting dots

    Like speed dating, but not!

    You will mastermind with others in my proprietary speed masterminding system. Like speed dating, but so much more productive!

  • apple

    Old school meets new school

    Old school business concepts will get a facelift and you will uncover tried and true business school tactics that work in your modern business.

  • arm flexing

    You will grow as a leader

    You'll flex your expertise muscles in fresh and stand out as a leader in Fresh. NiceOps brings the CEO together, but this isn't our stage, it's yours.

What are we actually doing in this program?
  • Speed masterminding
  • Open studio hours
  • Power hour workshops
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  • Amber
  • Nice team
  • Nice scoop
  • Back pocket TLC
What are we covering in the workshops?
  • Leadership - I know you are tired of doubting yourself at EVERY step. I know that you are tired of letting your mental *crap* get in the way of you reaching your goals. How many times have you started and stopped and didn't know why? I'll teach you to create a "Book of You" which will teach you EVERYTHING about yourself and who you are as a leader so you can have the confidence to do what needs to be done without constantly doubting yourself. Not only will you love this, but the people around you will be happy you did this too!

  • Are you ready for a new money story? Are threatened because you don't understand how money flows through a business as profit or loss? Are you tired of being afraid of your bank account? Are you so freakin' tired of not knowing where your money is coming from and as a result the CONSTANT panic that comes with it. Can I afford this? Can I afford that? I KNOW you are not loving the fact that the money is never guaranteed! I am going to teach you how to turn your unpredictable business into a steady paycheck that you can count on. I am going to show you how to build a business that allows you to go on those trips you have always wanted to take, go on that retreat or even just FINALLY take that vacation!

  • Think branding is all about how pretty your website is? Wish you had a unique approach to engaging your tribe? Want to stand out from your peers? Want to know what's more important than a pretty website? I am going to teach you how to create a Brand that impresses everyone that crosses your path. To create experiences that people rave about. You want to take care of your people so they take care of you, right?

  • Systems are money! Especially systems that wow your clients and prospects. What do client attracting systems look like? Have an inbox full of emails you are afraid to read because you are afraid of what they will say because you feel woefully behind and off your A-game? On the other hand, you might be waiting for clients to come and they just aren't coming through yet? I am gonna help you attract the clients of your dreams using killer systems the fire up your referral engine.

  • Think branding is all about how pretty your website is? Wish you had a unique approach to engaging your tribe? Want to stand out from your peers? Want to know what's more important than a pretty website? I am going to teach you how to create a Brand that impresses everyone that crosses your path. To create experiences that people rave about. You want to take care of your people so they take care of you, right?

  • It flat out doesn't have to be so hard. Manifest, get lucky, learn to develop win-win solutions and breeze through negotiation, sales, networking, and bust through the fear that holds you back from building your perfect business.

Workshops topics will change for 2015. Topics will be focused on CEO savvy, leadership, and targeted topics based on group feedback to help you run your business better.

You know this is the life you want for yourself.

You can't picture yourself doing ANYTHING else but you just feel like there has to be an easier way. You feel like you keep spinning your wheels and never seem to get anywhere. You are waiting to arrive and feel like you have it all together.

Freshly Implemented will help you become the business owner you always wanted to be.

Confident. Clear. Profitable.

The type of business CEO that other people admire and want to be.


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When you confirm your seat in Freshly Implemented as one of the business owners ready to change the game in business, you are in it to win it as there are no refunds. Commit now and I commit to you. We are in this together for the next 9 months (and beyond, should you so choose).


2.5 out of 4 Power Pods are filled for Freshly Implemented 2015. Space is limited to ensure an engaging, intimate experience.

As soon as your payment is received by the NiceOps team, we'll send you your orientation materials and you can get started on your new way of doing business. That's right NO waiting until the experience begins on February 1, 2015. You will receive orientation materials and pre-work to kick-start your freshly found momentum immediately.


I reached my goal revenue target within 4 months of being in business, thanks to the accountability, support + cheering squad of Fresh.

As I come close to closing out 2014, I realized that in the 7.5 months I was in business for myself this year, I made more money than in the 13 months combined I was at my previous day job.

Conservatively, I will have more than DOUBLED my revenue goal for 2014 by the time the year ends. And I never would have had the audacity to put out such a big number for the year before Fresh. AND I'm working full-time for myself and supporting my family.

I learned how to do what I love AND follow the money. Something I would not have had the confidence to do pre-Fresh. For me this meant following my passion for (and years of experience in) sales & marketing psychology while putting another passion of mine - yoga - on the back burner for a while. I'm happy to report that by doing what I love AND following the money, I now have a great strategy in place for 2015 to make both passions profitable.

Brit, foundationandflow.com


If you have thought about working with Amber McCue, DO IT!

She has been my support, my rock and the huge activator I needed to change what wasn't working in my business... She is on my metaphorical speed dial, ya'll.

Shenee Howard, heyshenee.com


To describe Amber in one word? ESSENTIAL!

Amber is that secret weapon that every entrepreneur needs in her arsenal. Amber brings an unprecedented drive, organization, motivation, clarity and partnership to every project. This is especially valuable to me, a busy life coach, who has been building a business from the ground up alone for so long.

DeAnna Lynn Englezos, createyourgreatlife.com

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How to clone yourself
Power hour workbook collection

How long is freshly implemented?

Freshly Implemented is a 9 month experience beginning on February 1, 2015, ending in October, 2015.

When does freshly implemented start?

Freshly Implemented begins on on February 1, 2015 and ends in October, 2015.

Is there a limit to the number of people that can join Freshly Implemented?

Yes. Because Freshly Implemented is an intimate experience and includes one-on-one time with each business owner, there is a limit to the number of people that can join the program.

How many people will be in Freshly Implemented with me?

You will experience Freshly Implemented with up to 25 other CEOs. While we will have 60-80 CEOs experiencing Freshly Implemented at a time, you will be going through the experience with up to 25 other participants in a subgroup of people who are at the same place in business and have goals that are aligned to yours. We call these subgroups, Power Pods. You will Speed Mastermind and engage with this more intimate group on a regular basis in the Freshly Implemented Facebook group.

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Amber is a master strategist at figuring out the ebbs and flows my business needed to take it to a whole new level.

She shines a light in all the "sweep under the rug" areas of your business management that make you cringe. She rolls up her sleeves and puts clarity, workable systems, and common sense-yet visionary-thinking into all of it. You walk away feeling 20 lbs lighter and like there is a way out of chaos. Because there is-Amber gives it to you. Turning from a frazzled and overwhelmed hamster on a wheel into a clear and confident business owner with a strong support team will have amazing positive impacts on all areas of your life-trust me on that.

The best part is the ongoing, real-world, consistent support. You're not left flailing to mess it all up again a few months later-Amber has GOT your back.

Zsofi Koller, zsofikoller.com


The thing that separates Fresh from the other Business Coaching/Mentorships is that everything Amber offers is VERY tangible and measurable, and I really like that.

It's easy for me to see direct value in signing up and it's easy for me to see a ROI as metrics increase.

Jamie Dubose, ZenplicityNow.com


I can't believe how much I have gotten done via Fresh!

In the first six month I worked with Amber, I've been able to take knowledge and actually get things done.

With Amber's support I've been able to make major progress by figuring how to implement systems and so much more in my business.

Meagan Flatt, MeaganFlatt.com


I wish I would have met Amber years ago, when I became an entrepreneur.

I have gotten more done in the last 2 weeks than I've gotten done in the last 10 months. Amber's system REALLY works. It took me out of overwhelm mode. Although I do have a lot on my business to-do plate, it's finally now organized, efficient and it makes sense. For the first time in years, I feel as if my stress has been lifted and that makes working with Amber priceless.

Dennisse Lisseth, dennisselisseth.com

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