Better than a coloring book that leaves you with pretty pictures to hang on the fridge. It's a workbook & digital planning guide to grow your business, color your life and love it in 2017.  

SET THE STAGE Before we reflect on the year or plan for the year ahead, let’s reflect on how this planning is going to be done. What are your goals for this planning cycle? Are you ready to take it to the next level? We have some CEO Tips to plan better than ever. 

2016 REFLECTIONS What worked in 2016 (or what didn’t?). Let's celebrate the new year and capture our lessons learned before we make our 2017 plans. No need to make the same mistakes twice. Am I right? 

2017 PLANNING Step-by-step in the Fresh Start Workbook you'll stop being indecisive and suffering from shiny object syndrome and move into strategic action. 

You'll actually be the person people say is making it happen vs. watching on the sidelines by getting clear on: who you'll work with, how you'll work better, smarter, what books you'll read, what events you'll attend, what your revenue streams be, and how much money will you actually make while you are doing what you love and loving what you do. 

ACTION All that planning is useless if we don't put it into action. This is where the magic happens! 

We'll create a realistic action plan - not like those New Year resolutions that you forget about by February 1st. You'll be ready for maximum momentum + success + money making that will keep you miles ahead of the crowd.


WE ARE GOING TO BE SPENDING A GOOD BIT OF TIME TOGETHER PLANNING IN THIS DIGITAL WORKBOOK. Let me introduce myself so you know exactly who you’ll be planning with–oh yes, we are in this together, my friend! 

ABOUT ME? I studied Organization Development through John Hopkins’ MBA program and have owned NiceOps since 2012, it's my freedom business, allowing me to work from anywhere. If I handed you my business card it might read “Amber McCue, Business Operations Expert (& Vegan Pizza lover and Green Juice Drinker).” I might also have a line in there about being a superhero & empowering Mom to three gorgeous ladies. It depends on how well behaved they are on that day. I always claim them, I have to. They look a lot like me (and they mostly make me proud). I just claim them louder on some days than others.

The entrepreneurs I work with often ask me how I get it all done and how I got here. I built NiceOps and made it streamlined, scalable and profitable without working 24/7. I’ve always known that building a better business meant building a better life. Business owners partner with me and I help them have more free time for lego's and beaches...and dance parties. Don’t forget the dance parties! 

I’ve created several programs & courses to help entrepreneurs be less busy and get their operations well greased. My “How to Clone Yourself” program does just that, minus Dolly the cloned sheep. “Freshly Implemented” isn’t a monthly soap subscription, although, what a fun idea! Rather it allows me to be your COO, long-term, to take the struggle out of your business operations. “CEO School” is where I am class president and we have pizza every day for lunch. No, kidding. Instead it is a place we work together to run your business so it can stop running you.

 And it all starts with a solid game plan, which you can build with this Fresh Start 2017 workbook.

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