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Give Your Intuition a Well-Deserved Promotion

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If you’ve joined one of my programs or been following my blog, chances are you’ve gathered up a collection of awesome advice, insights, and actionable tips to help you get your business’s engine purring.

But how many of those have you actually put into place??

I know, I know – it can be daunting to turn information into action.

But just imagine spending weeks building up an amazing machine designed to produce profits, peace-of-mind, and happiness – and then being afraid to push the ON button!


Luckily, Christina Ambubuyog is here to help. Christina is the creator and artist behind She teaches purpose-driven leaders how to strengthen and harness their intuition – we could all use a little of that (me included!)

I invite her to join in the Planathon every year because I believe that it doesn’t matter how much amazing advice you get through the program if you don’t have the confidence in yourself to put it into action.

As per Christina, you’ve got to: “Take your plan that you’ve got in your hand and trust in the process, trust in you, and trust your intuition, so you can see it come to fruition.”

Can’t argue with that!

Don’t let a lack of confidence stop you from taking the steps that you need to take to get your business to where it needs to be!

Cultivate your confidence. “You need to develop confidence in the idea that you will come through for you,” Christina urges. Work on the idea that you have the inner strength, abilities, intuition, integrity, and wherewithal to overcome any challenges you may face in your business – and the rest of your life, for that matter. “If you can’t trust in yourself and your ability to create what it is that you want, then you might as well rip up that plan and throw it out the window,” Christina believes. And it isn’t just about putting the plan into place – it also affects your ability to roll with the punches. “If you don’t trust in yourself and your intuition, then you’ll find yourself freaking out when things don’t go as planned,” Christina warns. “You need to bring in an element of trust – believing that you are resourceful, you have what it takes, and you’re able to intuitively tune into what it is that you need to get to where you want to go.”

Be willing to course-correct. It can be really easy to get stuck in a plan and not have the willingness or flexibility to make necessary changes. Your intuition is your guidance system, and you need to start learning to listen to it. “If life throws you a curve ball and your plans need to change, then your first reaction may be to freak out,” says Christina. “Don’t go outside of yourself for advice. Don’t go outside of yourself and start telling everybody and their mama. Go inside yourself first and source your intuition in order to figure out a next step that aligns you with your intention.”

Take action. Just being confident isn’t enough – you need to use that confidence to fuel the actions that you need to build your business. “You can have the best, drawn-out, elaborate, amazing plan with every single step mapped out in your calendar and all that good stuff,” says Christina. But if you’re not bringing it to life, then you’re not benefiting from it. Remember: If you don’t act on your plan, then it’s worthless to your business.

Hopefully, you’ve already developed some confidence in your abilities and intuition, but I know that it’s definitely something that a lot of us need to focus on. Do you have a mantra or intention statement that you use to reinforce your confidence? Share it in the comments!