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I gotta tell you, I am REALLY feeling the summer vibes these days – spending time at the beach, wearing my flip-flops to go buy ice cream cones, and soaking up that beautiful sunshine. I’m not rushing around to get the kids to and from school, packing their lunches, or making sure they do their homework. Instead, I get to slow down and just enjoy life a little bit more (which is harder than it sounds, when you’re as productivity-prone as I am)!

Unfortunately, this blissful season doesn’t last forever.

Summer is already halfway over and you know what that means: half-price sales on bathing suits!

But, of course, that’s not all: we only have about 5 WEEKS LEFT to get our businesses supercharged for the busy fall season.

Hey, spring doesn’t hold a monopoly on growth!

If I asked you right now what you need to do this fall to best support your business growth, would you have an answer for me? When is the last time you worked on your action plan?

  • Are you operating in alignment with who you want to be in the world?
  • Are your goals and vision lining up?
  • What do you want more of? What do you want less of?

There are two times of year that are absolutely PERFECT for taking a moment to get yourself set up for the busy seasons to come: right now and December. Block out a week or two on your calendar to do some thinking, reflecting, and planning – busy days are ahead!

Now that I’ve got you on board the reflection train, I want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your reflection period!

In this episode, I’m going to:

  • Help you figure out the reflection schedule that best benefits your business
  • Talk about how to sidestep risks to your business – BEFORE they affect it!
  • Share a few of my own reflection practices – including my own personal self-reflection questions!
  • Share a firsthand case study on how a little reflection helped to preemptively save my business from a potentially fatal Groupon-related disaster!

Let’s get our reflecting ON! Click below to listen!

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4:50 What does reflection look like?
7:18 A better business means a better life!
9:45 Breaking down the reflection questions
14:12 Identify your weaknesses!
19:00 Summary of reflective questions
20:09 Don’t forget the action steps!

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