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The Most Powerful Weapon Against Beating a Funk + Fear + Being Unhappy + More = Choice

Flower or Weed?

It came to me like an oasis in the dessert: the moment I truly realized I am the master over my feelings.  I get to choose.  I have power over whether I am happy, sad, b*tchy, or mad.  


This light-bulb like moment of clarity is one of the pivotal moments I had in my journey to everyday bliss and ultimate happiness.  I had heard and read for years that I had this “power.”  I believed it, but I hadn’t really harnessed it to its full potential.


This oasis came to me in a fit of rage… I was crazy-pissed at my husband for something (something really immaterial in the scheme of things so I won’t even go into what I was upset about).  


I was so angry I was shaking.  I was swearing everything around me. And, as I drove home, I was planning all of the horrible things I was going to say to my husband when I saw him to make sure he felt insane guilt.  


And then I thought to myself, “Is this really how you want to feel right now? These thoughts are not you.  This is not the person you are.” 


I used everything I knew and did with my clients in my professional world to self-coach myself of out of this craze induced bender.  


I asked myself: 


Who are you?  

I’m a patient mom, smokin’ hot wife who wants success, bliss, and happiness to fill her every moment.


Who do you want to be in this moment?  

I am happy.  I feel good.  I am even looking good – I did just get my hair done, after all… I radiate joy and attract friends and clients who rock my world.


What can you do to change the situation right now? 

Nothing really. I can do a better preemptive job in the future by clearly communicating with my husband, making plans, and ensuring we are on the same page.  


As I talked myself through these questions, I already felt better.  

When you go home will you be pleasant and friendly or will you be craze-induced?  

I will be beyond friendly.  I will confuse the living-bejesus out of my husband, but I am sure by this point he is expecting crazy-Amber to return home. 


When I got home, I was so pleasant and radiated so much peace from the inside out that I my husband thought I was on drugs.


What is the point of all of this?  

The point – You have a choice.  

You get to choose how you see the world.  

You choose how you show up in the world.  

You choose how you react and how you respond to unexpected challenges.  

You choose.



So, do you see flowers or weeds today?  


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