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Do What Scares You

Day in and day out, we are encountering new things as we grow our businesses.

It can be scary “as all get out” sometimes!

Personally, we are in the middle of scaling our photography business, and I just said to my husband. “I have no idea if this is going to work or not… It’s a little scary because people (team members) are now depending on us.” I don’t want to let them down.

I also still get scared to send emails to my community and post videos and do live streams…

The list of things we will have to do as entrepreneurs that fall under the category of “uncomfortable” is endless.

The question I like to ask is how can I train myself to appreciate and embrace discomfort, so when those fearful moments come up I don’t freeze entirely and get stuck not doing anything at all.

Instead of telling you about this process, I’m going to give you real life example of how my personal challenges of being in a country music video and doing stand-up comedy helped me overcome the fear and keep stepping into it… Even if you don’t laugh at my jokes, I hope you get a good chuckle out of my attempts in this episode.

Now, it’s your turn. How can you practice for the scary moments by doing the things that scare you now but have very little risk?

Not only will breaking from your routine prep you for growth in your business, but it will increase the happy in your life.

Don’t get me wrong. I love routine and structure, and a rinse and repeat model brings efficiency, but it can also wear on you, and lead us to massive boredom, lack of creativity, and lack of innovation.

Boredom is the scream of unused potential.

Hop off the hamster wheel and tell us in the comments: What scary, unexpected thing are you going to make happen next?

Grit. “A Significant Predictor of Success”

Grit.  What is Grit?

My friend Joanna sent me this super sweet email about the importance of having Grit. She suggested I had a lot of it. Naturally I had to check it out!

Watch this Ted talk…(don’t worry it is only 6 minutes, and PACKED with goodies that will get your mind racing)

Some takeaways from Angela Lee Duckworth:

“Grit is passion and perseverance for very long term goals. Grit is having stamina. Grit is sticking with your future day in and day out, working really hard to make that future a reality. Grit is a marathon….not a sprint. 

Talent doesn’t make you gritty. Grit is usually unrelated or inversely related to measures of talent.

Growth mindset: Belief that the ability to learn is not fixed, it can change with your effort.

Growth mindset is a great idea for building grit.

We need to take our best ideas and strongest intuitions and test them and measure if we have been successful, we have to be willing to fail…..We need to be gritty!”

Is it just me, or does this whole “Grit” idea not blow your mind and make you wonder?

My girlfriend Joanna was just as curious – “I wonder where that comes from exactly? The speaker acknowledges that there isn’t a lot of science behind understanding “grit.” I am wondering where you think your grit comes from?”

As I typed those 4 words into my search box, I felt like a whole new world opened up at my fingertips. I looked up at the clock and a hour has already gone by!

There is so much discussion and curiosity, on “What is Success,” “Is the Secret to Success Failure?,” “How do we teach Grit to our children?,” “What is the true definition of Grit?, “Will having Grit Increase Building Business Success?”

So what do you think about Grit?

Access Your Grit

Let us know how you scored in the comments!!

P.S. My girl Joanna’s got grit herself. She’s working it in the launch of her new, personal, and highly entertaining blog joannatiger.com




What do you believe? The Soul Knows

the soul knowsBeliefs are the thoughts we hold about ourselves and others.  Beliefs shape our expectations.  They can hold us back or lift us up.  We each, as individuals, get to choose.  

Success reigns supreme when our beliefs match up with the way we show up.  

The beliefs we hold true impact the way we show up in the world.  When they are out of sync, it shows.  

When our beliefs align with those we do business with, look to as a coach, mentor, advisor or partner, we will be better served.  

Beliefs are the foundation + 

ultimately become our reality. 

To ensure our beliefs are in sync with the person we want to be – the person we want to be known as, it is important to consider and reflect on those beliefs from time to time.  

I revisited my beliefs recently and realized many opportunities to reset and realign my actions – the way I show up – with my core beliefs.  It was hard to stop once I got going.  Here is a glimpse into some of my beliefs:

I believe in disappearing when your soul needs peace.


I believe in the underdog.


I believe in tropical vacations.


I believe in friends who are there for you no matter what.


I believe in friends who give your room to grow. And flex.


I believe in chance + possibility + faith.


I believe a simple smile can change everything and a good deed can start a ripple.


I believe your soul sends warning flares through your body. Listen.


I believe in you.


I believe art. Crafts. And finding inspiration in others success.


I believe there is more good in people than bad. Always.


I believe in cutting people slack. And raising people up.


I believe that crazy is good.


I believe that negative feedback is a sign of engagement and feeling.


I believe that feeling is better than not.


I believe we are all lucky.


I believe in not answering the phone.


I believe in sharing. Ideas. Knowledge. Love. Cupcakes. Gum. Toothbrushes. 


I believe in taking the high road.


I believe all problems have at their core, a simple beginning.


I believe in giving it your all when it is something that matters.


I believe in second chances… And sometimes third.


I believe in time outs. Especially for grown ups. 


I believe the hug of a child can make almost anything better.


I believe we all have a purpose – when we find it and serve it, the world is better.


I believe happiness is a choice.


I believe in going to bed early.


I believe dinner around the table 90% of the time.


I believe in breaking the rules.


I believe making mistakes early is a good thing and failing fast is even better..


I believe in Singing loud with the windows rolled down.


I believe in dance parties with my girls. And sometimes my husband too.


I believe in homemade popcorn.


I believe it is time for women to lead. To play bigger. To live their gorgeous truth. To find real life bliss. 


I believe in the self-fulfilling prophecy.


I believe I will achieve my say what goal within 2.5 years.


I believe regular change is good and creating new normals as often as you need to.


I believe in simplicity.


I believe in getting dirty. 


I believe in hard work.


I believe in a good challenge.


I believe in getting embarrassed.


I believe in laughing at my self.


I believe in a good cry.
I believe in listening and asking questions over talking.


I believe in helping people save face.


I believe you can make your point and have a greater impact if you do it with grace.


I believe in swagger.


I believe in your uniqueness.


I believe the is great beauty in life’s everyday occurrences.


I believe that you and I came together here for a reason.

What do you believe? 

Comments are open. :) 

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