About NiceOps
With pieces of your business flying every which way, your to-do list out of control (and possibly sprouting wings) and your brain is scattered across 1400 different tasks, priorities, reminders, emails, tweets, deliverables, marketing ideas, client conversations, customer inquiries AND that one person you were suppose to follow up with weeks ago (whoops), one thing is certain:


Enter: NiceOps. The place for busy business owners who want tobe better at managing their time, their affairs and their sanity.
If you’ve ever put together an IKEA desk at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, only to discover five hours later, as you crankily crack your knees and manage to stand up, that – uh oh – there’s one extra panel left over, which must mean you actually put the front on the back and now there is no back and NOW YOU’VE GOT TO START OVER AND REASSEMBLE FROM SCRATCH – then you know how dangerous it can be to do things out of order.
A task that should have taken you two hours took seven, frustration mounts, and everything else you had to do that day will just have to wait. Including the kids. …Oh, shoot, was I supposed to feed the kids?
This is exactly the kind of thing that happens in businesses every single day, except since you don’t know what the final product is supposed to look like, you figure it’s just the way it goes. And that things take a really long time. And that building & growing a business is hard. And that this must be why they invented wine.

First of all, they invented wine because wine is delicious, and second, running your business isn’t suppose to feel like an exercise in modern day torture chamber tactics.

You got into this to be free. You got into this to be great. You gotinto this to make big, splashy marks across every pink sky in your industry.
And yet, you’re turning yourself into a crazy person. Because you aren’t sure how else to do it.
But crazy person no more. Because you’ve found me, now. And I’m going to make sure that your business?
Isn’t just a tangled jumble of good intentions…

…But an incredible journey that you’ll love being the leader of.

About Nice Amber
I’m Amber McCue, founder of NiceOps, business operations expert and die-hard philanthropist for anything and everything that sexily streamlines success. I’m about using process-oriented, procedure-based strategies to cut through all the crap and help leaders (both big & small) get the results they’ve been begging for.
About NiceOps Amber
Because I’m a business owner like you, too, of course. And I happen to have a long and well-known history consulting with large Fortune 500 clients, all of which have one thing in common:


When you’ve got a lot of moving parts, you only have one choice: Learn how to tame ’em. After all, it’s only by taming your business that you’ll ever be able to be a little untame once and a while. What do I mean by “being untame?” I mean exactly the things you’re missing right this very minute. The ability to take a day off when the hell ever you want. The ability to put it on cruise control for a week, or a month, or a quarter, and write that book you’ve been dreaming about. The ability to be more generous with your clients, because you’re no longer sucked into a never ending time warp leaving you exhausted, panicky, and in a 24/7 rush. This isn’t just unhealthy–it’s unprofitable.
Once upon a time as a graduate student in Organizational Development at Johns Hopkins, I focused on team building and individual coaching, and I did it for a reason: I knew that big things could happen in big ways…if and when the right people got together and did the right things.

The only problem is that doing the right thing in business isn’t as intuitive as it could be.

It’s not that obvious to the untrained eye. And it’s certainly not as easy to the business owner who’s trying to do it all.
Which is why I believe in the power of asking for help.
It’s why I created NiceOps.
It’s why I do what I do every single day. (When I, myself, am not bounding around the world.)
It’s why I believe wholeheartedly in mistakes, scream excited expletives while whipping around every learning curve, and break the rules when it feels like the right thing to do.
Because we all have a purpose. And when you learn how to serve it, you don’t just make yourself money. You make yourself ecstatic.
And that’s what this game is really all about.
If we’re cogs in the machine, then these are the most glorious,gorgeous & indispensable cogs in the history of the entire world.(Not hyperbole.) Partners in crime. (Borderline) criminal masterminds. And masters at their craft.
About Nice Maura
The know-it-all for the nitty gritty, handling anything the world (or I) throw at her with a graceful pirouette and an impressive amount of enthusiasm. As my sister, she’s seen the scariest sides of me–including the dreaded bed head–and still manages to be the best client management expert on either side of the Mississippi.
About Nice Brittany
Brittany has mastered the most delicious trifecta: marketing, operations & automation. (Talk about cloning at warp speed.) An avid lover of Cincinnati, all things yoga, and the attitude of a zen master, she handles the dirty work with a big ol’ smile and a hefty load of grace. She balances strategy with getting things done the right way…not to mention has the most enviable bangs. (Watch out, world. She’s the full package.)
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About Niceops Press
Amber McCue, Business Operations Expert, MBA OrganizationDevelopment at Johns Hopkins, and Founder of NiceOps, a modern business management and operations consultancy based out of Annapolis, Maryland.
McCue is the creator of several noteworthy programs & courses for busy and first-time business owners, including her signature How to Clone Yourself (which accomplishes exactly as it sounds, sans sheep), the long-term hands-on program Freshly Implemented, where she acts as an outsourced COO for struggling small business owners, and her latest and greatest development, CEO School, a brand new way for smart business owners to stop letting their business run the show, and start running the show for themselves, instead.