A couple weeks ago I took a week off for a staycation – I highly recommend it! The truth is, I found it challenging to get back into the swing of things. And I know from talking to my clients and colleagues that I’m not alone.

My big problem? Influx of ideas and new motivation to get it all done! Taking a break and getting away for a bit can do that. The opportunity you have is to organize everything so you don’t lose all of your mojo the week after you return!

As we march towards the end of Summer, how do we get back into Action Jackson mode so we can make our dreams happen before 2015 is over?

It all comes down to having support systems in place so that we can easily take a break from biz and return without having a case of inbox dread or a pit of terror deep in our stomach. Or so we can get help when we do start to feel mucho overwhelmed and are wondering what the heck is the point of all of this anyways.

Which is why I wanted to share some of my favorite support systems, some of which may surprise you because they go beyond simple processes or the typical team talk.

#1. Do Something Completely Out of the Ordinary

You’re stressing out and are running on the hamster wheel, so the last thing you’re probably willing to do is something new, which is exactly why you should.

Our brains can only handle so much, so when you create a pattern, if you interrupt it by doing something completely different you can actually improve your productivity. As the saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

First of all, leave your house/condo/usual coffee shop. Ditch the laptop for a few hours. Maybe it’s a movie, a long walk or a morning dance party Daybreaker style. I know first hand Daybreaker is a win!

Do something, anything different. Bonus points for doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone or gets you out of your head and into your body.

#2. Get Help at Home

That may not sound surprising, but you may be surprised at how many people – especially modern, female CEOs – don’t have a good support system in place at home. They try to white knuckle through all of it on their own, and eventually it falls apart.

Just like you do in your business, outsource the things that you don’t like first. Detest laundry? Line up a wash, fluff and fold service that picks up. Need more focused time with little ones at home during the day? Trade childcare with a neighbour you trust. Dinner stressing you out? Make BFFs with your crockpot or a meal service of some type.

The key to help at home is to get creative and to figure out where you need help most. And don’t be afraid to ask. Instead of stomping around in a huff because you have to “do everything” work with your partner and kids to enlist their help. Running a house is a team sport, and you need to be the captain, not the whole darn team.

Here are a few of my inside secrets on how to get people to help you out!

#3. Creative Cross Training for Your Brain

Even if you identify yourself as a creative, we can all benefit from a bit of cross training. The same way we do with our fitness, we need to find ways to shake up the way our brain functions.

No matter what type of business you run, creativity is a key part of what you do. Maybe you’re not designing or writing, but you need that creativity to solve problems, come up with innovative products and so much more. Think of your creativity as a muscle. If you train it, you become more creative and your business reaps the benefits.

Creative thinking uses three main parts of our brain, including what’s called the Attentional Control Network. That’s the thing that helps us focus. But to get really creative, we need to get that focus shut down a bit, which is hard to do if you’re always creative in the same way. You need to create a chance for your mind to see new ideas and connect relationships.

Try scheduling a creativity play date with yourself doing something you wouldn’t normally do creatively. (And yes, this is work! Schedule it into your work day!)

If you’re a copywriter, don’t write, go doodle or color. If you’re an illustrator, do something different. Cross train that brain so you can’t fall into your usual pattern and stunt your creativity!

Support systems aren’t just about tools or systems for your biz, it’s much deeper than that. A better business means a better life. How can you implement one of these into your business and life now to help you get into action mode and beat the back to work blahs?


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