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I'm going to be completely honest with you. Today's note is going to be quick and action oriented because I am flat out tired from the flood of energy I've had flowing lately.

It is all good energy though — I just returned from an amazing trip to Hawaii where I enjoyed sun, sand, time with family, and kahuku shrimp (YUM!).  Here are a few of the pictures I snagged while we were there:

Hawaii Rules

And today, I'm headed to see Oprah and Tony Robbins in Life Class!

Say what!!?

Yeah, baby! I'm on my way to see Oprah AND Tony Robbins!  

I'm calm and collected about it all, but my stomach is dancing with first-date like excitement.

Needless to say, I'm feeling crazy lucky!

My heart, my soul, and my brain are all being nurtured in their own way.  Down time like this – you know the kind where you forget everything you knew before you went on vacation – is incredibly important.


#1. It is important for your health.  #2. The best ideas come in the down time.  Brainstorms and innovations rarely come when you are sitting at a desk demanding their arrival.

I was a good creative and took notes when ideas struck…The problem?

I did in fact get so relaxed on that vacation that I only immersed myself in the things I completely love doing and I forgot everything that was on my to-do list before I left.  …Woops!

On the upside, I wrote it all down in my fancy new planner before I left!  Yeah! So I didn't lose moment and I can step right back into productivity when I get back at it on Tuesday.  Actually, I will likely be more productive than usual, because I'm super charged.

You can be super charged too with my fancy new planner pages too – free download alert.

I started using these about a month ago and they are saving my toosh!  Go old-school and print them if you'd like.  Or, do what I do and use them on your iPad.  I save them as custom paper to my notetaking app on my iPad and write or type on them directly into my in the planner notebook on my iPad.

Sleek Planner Pages                  Chevron Planner Pages

I want them sleek.                                                   I prefer chevrons. 

Take the chevrons or the sleek black version and use them to identify your must do + would like to do items everyday.  Be bold.  Be inspired.  Be so productive it feels criminal.

I hope you love them and share them!