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Have you ever done that?

Paid or invested time to learn something you already know?

To take your knowledge and mastery to the next level?

If so, you are not alone!

As someone who teaches planning, business strategy, scaling, systems, and cloning yourself, you would think I could skip additional training, consulting, and mentoring on this topic.

For more than 12 years I’ve partnered with business leaders who are successfully growing small and large businesses.

Yet, I continue to learn and immerse myself in things I already “know.”

And every time I do, in fact, I always learn more.

Funny how that works, eh?

Sometimes, I simply get the sweet validation that I’m on the right track.

Yessss! 😉

Since your business growth is my focus, I want to master this topic, so I can engage with you and bring you the best of the best when it comes to growing and scaling your business.

You see, there are 3 types of entrepreneurs: Starters, Pros and Masters.

Can you relate to any of these?

Let’s break it down:


  • Everyone starts here
  • Great ideas and a beautiful big vision
  • Still fleshing out the how
  • Spending a ton of time doing things – not always on the right things, but you aren’t really sure…
  • Time thinking about the idea… Not necessarily in action testing yet
  • May look like a dabbler from the outside
  • May not send blog posts consistently
  • Not consistently making money with business model yet
  • May not have clear business model
  • Systems not yet established in business


  • Moving and grooving on that beautiful big vision
  • Consistent all around – Marketing and sales all around.
  • Making money honey!
  • Time is going to all the things you do as the boss.
  • There’s no time for anything else!
  • You may be feeling overwhelmed, and you are ready to move into being the leader and CEO in your business using systems.
  • Focused on what you are doing in the market.
  • Clarity on next steps and the need to trust in others to make it happen (team, mentors, guides – quality people matter)
  • Ready for systems or is already putting them in place


  • Clear vision
  • Systems in place
  • Team is rocking
  • Time freedom is realized, and you get to do what you know and love
  • Put strategies into action
  • Keep the focus and don’t get distracted with time freedom
  • Always learning and seeking improvement in area of focus
  • Perfecting leadership and how they serve their people and clients (notice this is not how their clients and people serve them, although that comes if you serve your clients and people well too)

What level can you relate to most? What is your biggest struggle and what is holding you back?

Know that there is nothing wrong regardless of the level you are at – I’ve been at all of these levels myself. But you can bet your buns, I’m going for Mastery where it counts.

A girl has to have goals right? 😉

I currently go between Pro and Master in one of my businesses. I am at the Master level in another business and am dipping back down to Pro on some projects as we test some new strategies. And I’m a total Starter on another project I am brewing.

See how that works?

No matter where you are, in your business currently, having the model in place to grow within can do wonders for your growth.

2016 Vegas Event Todd On Stage 3For example, I’ve been practicing something called the 90 Day Planning for years.

The 90 Day Planning model is the reason I have been able to implement as much as I have, which has lead to me grossing over half a million in annual revenue.

So I kinda know a thing or two about this model that ordinary, everyday people like me and you can apply to get pretty impressive results.

But when Todd Herman introduced his training called the 90 Day Year, I knew I had to jump on it so I could reach mastery level.

In a few days, Todd is going to be opening up his free training series that will help you:

  • Hit your revenue goals
  • Launch the new products you plan to launch
  • Hire the team members you want to bring onboard
  • Automate the systems you want to automate

I’m teaming up with him on his launch and plan to bring you live consulting to guide you through everything he is going to show you, in the NiceOps Planathon Facebook Group.

If you join us in this training over the next couple of weeks, I’m confident you’ll have the most productive 90 Days you’ve ever had.

Are you in?

Get in the group here, if you aren’t already there.

And when you arrive, let us know that you’ll be revamping your 90 day plans with us as we go through this training.

Big love,